Special Purpose Audit / Certification Audit

Child Care/Infant Subsidy Claims Audit

As part of Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) audit requirements, childcare centres are required to engage Certified Public Accountant to audit the centre’s child care/infant care subsidy claims annually or upon cessation of business.

The scope of our Child Care/Infant Subsidy Claims Audit includes preparation and submission of the following to the Ministry after the centre’s financial year-end or cessation of business:

  • Preparation of the Statement of Subsidy Claims for the Financial Year
  • Preparation of Certification by External Auditors

Licensee’s or Tenant’s Annual Gross Turnover

This is one of the Special Purposes Audit pursuant to tenancy agreement between the landlord and tenants in most of the mega shopping centre and certain government agencies which require the licensee to audit the Annual Gross Turnover Report or for all licensable activities for period from (date) to (date).

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Sources: Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), Ministry of Social and Family Development

This page was last updated on 2nd March, 2023.